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World Championships

Will a North American finish in the top 10 of the world championship?

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Biggest winnersBiggest losers
2,250 druber
1,250 points, at 9/5 odds
180 Hons
100 points, at 9/5 odds
180 Super Rookie
100 points, at 9/5 odds
180 cogscicling
100 points, at 9/5 odds
180 snjekyll
100 points, at 9/5 odds
1,160 Arktic
Yes at 3/5 odds
450 mortovelo
Yes at 3/5 odds
300 HornyforHorner
Yes at 3/5 odds
300 Luke
Yes at 3/5 odds
268 Zorch
Yes at 3/5 odds

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Arktic Sep 28, 5:31 p.m.
Tj or Horner have the potential for top 5.

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Special notes

This proposition is part of the World Championships contest, for which there is a $50 prize. To be eligible, players must make at least 10 bets and risk at least 400 points on any of the contest's propositions.

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Date of race

Sunday, September 29

Time remaining to bet


Florence, Italy

Final action

Action is secret until it reaches 250 points. Until that time, odds reflect the "morning line" established by the house.

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