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Rouleur Derby Report No. 81

Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's usually about this time of year that I remind you how many hours are left to place your bets until Het Nieuwsblad.

While I am as excited as ever for this spring's classics, I regret to announce that Rouleur Derby will be sitting this season out.

It's taken all winter to come to this decision, and it comes for two reasons:

1. I've undergone some happy changes in the past year or two — great new job, great new wife, and, knock on wood, a great new baby this coming July — and they are demanding more of my focus and attention.

2. The Rouleur Derby codebase needs some work. It's not nearly as fast and snappy as I would like it, and I think its sluggishness contributed to this year's drop in participation. The good news is that I'm a much better programmer now than I was when I first wrote the engine four years ago. Although I didn't find the time to make repairs this off-season, my hope is to find a few weeks over the next year to rebuild from scratch: faster, better and stronger.

It's been a fantastic and fun four seasons with you, and I'm grateful for your playing along with me. Please join me in enjoying the 2014 season, and I'll look forward to seeing you again in time for the 2015 Het Nieuwsblad.

Sur la plaque,


P.S. I'll remain on Twitter at @rouleurderby, where, among other things, I'll continue to monitor any dog- or livestock-related crashes.