[ Rouleur Derby ]

Rouleur Derby Report No. 80

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. Vuelta recap

2. Worlds: One last hurrah



I'll be honest: I almost didn't make book on Chris Horner. I wasn't even sure he would finish. His morning line was 100/1, and he closed at 130/1.

So I was as surprised as I was thrilled at his success. I can only imagine the same is true for our good friend HornyforHorner, who put 25 points on Horner at 130/1 and another 600 points on him at 19/10 on the first rest day, good enough to net him more than 4,500 points.

But raw points are not what matter in Rouleur Derby. One wins a grand tour with sniper-like precision, so victory goes instead to Chicago's Stiggity, who waged only 414 points during the Vuelta but cleverly put 315 points for Horner to be on the podium at 9/1. Stiggity walked away with a 170% profit and the $50 Vuelta prize.


And now the world championships and the close of the Rouleur Derby Season. Time to put all the chips on the table and either defend your position or fire a hail mary and go for broke.

Action starts tomorrow with the individual time trial. You are being asked to pick a winner, but we also are playing a proposition proposed by none other than Jens Voigt (https://twitter.com/thejensie/status/381497157674885120): Will the fastest individual time trialist be faster than the slowest team time trial?

Get your bets in by tonight:


For the weekend's road races, we'll be following the women's race on Saturday and the men's race on Sunday. The men's action in particular is wide open. Who still has good form after a grueling summer? And are there any North Americans with a chance at a top 10?


A $50 prize is on the line during the world championships, but also this will conclude our season, so there is a $100 prize for the overall points leader, currently held by BicycleBrian with many players within reach. Consider this the Final Jeopardy! round: You can't take your points with you, so you might as well make every effort to double up and climb the standings.

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,