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Rouleur Derby Report No. 79

Friday, August 23, 2013

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. The Vuelta



It's grand tour time once again. For some it's a chance for redemption after unsatisfying Giros or Tours de France. For others it's a tuneup before the world championships. But for everyone it's a chance to score Rouleur Derby points and win the $50 Grand Tour prize.

As usual, players must place at least 10 bets and risk at least 400 points to be eligible for the prize.

Because Saturday is a team time trial, most betting will remain open until Sunday.

Find all Vuelta propositions -- including a farewell proposition for our friends in Orange, Euskatel-Euskadi -- at http://www.rouleurderby.com.

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,