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Rouleur Derby Report No. 64

Friday, September 21, 2012

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. World championships and the end of the season

2. Next year



The leaves are turning amber, knee warmers are being fished out from the bottom of the drawer and the air reeks of embrocation. Signs of fall, each one, and signs that the road season is about to end.

And with the end of the road season ends our third and biggest season of Rouleur Derby. Come Sunday afternoon we will have a new world champion and, much more important, we will have a new Rouleur Derby champion and winner of our $285 grand prize.

Don't forget: You can't take your points with you. This is the Final Jeopardy! phase of Rouleur Derby. There's no prize for 2nd place, so take a flyer and go for broke.

Also don't forget that the women's championship will be tomorrow. Rouleur Derby remains the world's only instrument with which to bet on women's cycling, so don't pass this up.

Will an American finish in the top 5? And which country will win?


Then there are a handful of propositions for Sunday's men's race, but the most important is picking the overall winner, which carries a 25 percent bonus.


The best performer during the world championships (going back to last week's team time trial) will win a $50 prize.


After summer my staff and I will go into our annual period of hibernation and meditation. I'm not sure yet if we'll return for the 2013 season. There are a ton of features I'd like to add in the off-season, but I also sense that after a blockbuster and generous fun-raising campaign last year, participation is waning. Perhaps it's time to retire and go race speedboats with Cipollini? Stay tuned.

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,