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Rouleur Derby Report No. 50

Friday, January 27, 2012

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. Tour Down Under

2. CX worlds

3. Next: Tour of Qatar

4. Prize update



Aussie fans took it on the chin down under when Greenedge failed to win a single stage, leading to a tidy 6.6-1 pay day for anyone who predicted a Greenedge goose egg. However, the team's Simon Gerrans came through for the overall victory, netting 390 points for Sportifplus, who in two short weeks has nearly doubled his points and now sits in 1st place. Don't get too comfortable in the hot seat, however, as there's still a lot of racing to be done.


I hope everyone on Twitter is enjoying following Rouleur Derby players @mathowie and @mplsminx as they file reports from Koksijde, Belgium, where this weekend's cyclocross world championships will take place. It's almost as fun as being there ourselves.

Tomorrow's U23 race will give us our first outcome: Will American Zach McDonald finish in the top 15? This is a tough one: He finished 13th and 18th in his two World Cup appearances this year, but patriotic Rouleur Derby players currently have him a 1.4-1 favorite.

Don't forget: Betting on this proposition closes at midnight tonight. http://rouleurderby.com/race/cx-worlds-zach-mcdonald/

Other propositions will close tomorrow night. The men's race has been reduced to three contenders, while in the women's race Marianne Vos is an overwhelming favorite. It would appear only a mechanical will get between her and her fifth world championship.


In addition to picking the winners, there are three propositions relating to our American interests. Will Katie Compton win? And, Which American man will finish first? And, Will one of them finish in the top 10? (Strong favorites are currently "no," Powers and "no.")


Finally there is the matter of whether more than three Belgians will finish in the top 10. This is looking like easy money -- Belgium may get three riders in top three, for frites' sake -- and your humble bookie apologizes for setting the over/under so low on this one.



Things may be quiet for the next few weeks until the Spring Classics season kicks off with Het Nieuwsblad on Feb. 25. There will, however, be propositions for next week's Tour of Qatar, which starts next Sunday, Feb. 5. Stay tuned.


A few more contributions rolled in after the Fun-raising Drive, so I've updated the prizes purses. You will be playing for $60 during the Spring Classics, and the overall prize is now up to $275.

Once again, thank you all for your generous contributions. It should make for an exciting summer.

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,