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Rouleur Derby Report No. 48

Thursday, January 5, 2012

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. Holy cow you guys are awesome

2. Cyclocross nationals

3. There will be bugs



When I cooked up the 2012 Rouleur Derby Fun-Raising Drive, I figured there was only a remote chance of raising $1,000 by the end of the month, but I set what I considered an audacious goal nonetheless.

Imagine my surprise when we hit that goal within 48 hours. Watching your generous contributions roll in, I felt like George Bailey watching his neighbors file at the end of "It's a Wonderful Life." Hot dog!

Special thanks go to the four -- FOUR! -- players who ponied up $150 to become full-fledged sponsors. Thank you, Mathowie, Kirby, Velopaint and HornyForHorner.

Contributions will continue to be accepted, and I will continue to direct half of all proceeds toward the prize purse. At this point, however, there will be a $50 prize for each of our five contests -- Spring Classics, the three grand tours and the world championships -- and $250 for the overall winner.

In the meantime ...


Let's play!

The Belgians will be doing their thing this Saturday, and on Sunday the American elites will be racing across the tundra of Wisconsin.

Your job is to predict the winner of each race, including the American women's race. There are also a few extra fun propositions: Will Tim Johnson beat his rival Jeremy Powers? Will more than 30 riders finish on the same lap as the men's leaders? And will the second-place woman finish within 30 seconds of Katie Compt-- err, within 30 seconds of whoever might win the women's race?

Find all the propositions at http://www.rouleurderby.com.


There are dozens of new features, and I've tested them to the best of my ability. However, do not be surprised if there are still errors or bugs. (For example, betting wasn't working properly overnight, and I'm not sure the new alert feature is working properly. I'm investigating.) Please don't hesitate to let me know if you spot anything that isn't working as you would expect it to.

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,