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Rouleur Derby Report No. 47

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy new year, cycling fans.

In a few weeks, Rouleur Derby will enter its third season, and I hope you continue to have as much fun playing it as I have had creating and administering it.

But now let's make it interesting.

Introducing the 2012 Rouleur Derby Fun-Raising Drive. Full details are at http://www.rouleurderby.com.

In 2010 I gave winners bottles of wine.

In 2011 I distributed $200 to top performers.

In 2012, with your help, I'll do better.

The goal here is to raise at least $1,000, with half of all contributions will go into the prize purse. My hope is that a bigger purse will result in more players and more activity, and more players and more activity will mean more fun for everyone.

Have you gotten $10 worth of fun from Rouleur Derby? I hope you have, and I hope 99 others have, too.

Anyone who contributes $10 will get a 50-point head start to the season.

The first three people to contribute $150 will gain sponsor status and be entitled to run an ad on the site.

And in the unlikely event that someone wants to give $1,000 or more, they will be given title sponsor status. Yes, I realize this exposes us to the possibility of "Rouleur Derby presented by Doc Druber's Hemmorhoid Creme," but that's a risk I'm willing to take. For the game.

Higher stakes won't be the only change in 2012. I've also made the following improvements:

* A much cleaner interface that's easier to use

* Tracking of each player's nemeses and victims

* E-mail reminders in the final hours of each proposition

* E-mail alerts when a payout reaches a given target

But all the improvements in the world would be for naught if it weren't for the participation of its players. This is where you come in again. Whether you take part in the Fun-raising Drive or not, Rouleur Derby will remain free to play, for you and all your friends. So start studying the Spring Classic routes and be telling everyone about Rouleur Derby, almost certainly the best fantasy cycling game in the world.

Play well, have fun, tell a friend,


P.S. The Fun-Raising Drive will last until Feb. 1, and then I will make book for the Tour of Qatar (Feb. 5) and Het Nieuwsblad (Feb. 25). However, if we hit our $1,000 goal early enough, I will start the season with the Tour Down Under (Jan. 15) or the cyclocross world championships (Jan. 29).