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Rouleur Derby Report No. 46

Monday, September 26, 2011

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. World championships

2. Data! We have data!

3. Next year



So that's that.

A long, long time in the saddle followed by some quick argy-bargy and suddenly we have a world champion.

I speak of course of Killbot, who after a long Rouleur Derby season put 2,115 points on his countryman Mark Cavendish to win Sunday's race in Copenhagen. At 5.4-1 odds, that payout -- combined with a 25 percent World Championship bonus -- was enough to crown Killbot this year's winner, just ahead of runner-up Velopaint of Chicago.

Although he made a killing Sunday, it was a steady performance for our champ. He picked correctly 29 percent of the time, well above the game-wide average of 18 percent, and he shrewdly reinvested his winnings, including the 1,000 he profited Saturday morning with Tony Martin's time trial win.

Indeed, Worlds was like the final exam that counted for 90 percent of the grade: Bully for you if you aced the pop quizzes and had perfect attendance all semester, but to be Rouleur cum laude you still gotta nail the correct answers on the final.

And nail it, Killbot did. Congratulations!

Congratulations also to N8 of Minnesota, who had a tidy 423% return on his investment during the World Championships, striking true on 4 of his 12 bets.

Killbot earned $50 for his troubles, N8 $25 for his. Gentlemen, I'll be contacting you shortly to arrange the transfer of funds. (It's too bad you're not in Chicago or I'd show up on your doorstep with a giant novelty check and a limo full of models.)


To celebrate another fun season, I spent some time putting together an infographic detailing some of the data from the season. Please take a moment to enjoy the 2011 Rouleur Derby Final Report.


As the commissioner of Rouleur Derby, I enjoy a "God's eye view" of the proceedings. Dozens of times a day I'll check in on the game's activity. When the action is heavy, it's like seeing into the Matrix as bets of all sizes and likelihood roll in.

More than 36 hours after the season's end, I still find myself calling up this view -- even though there is nothing to see. And it makes me sad and nostalgic, like walking through an empty house on the day of a big move.

But it also makes me all the more excited for next year. I have a few new features in mind, but feel free to suggest any that you might have.

I remain keen to draw more players. The more players, the more accurate the odds and the more fun everybody has.

To this end, I'm considering a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for prizes (while hopefully staying on the well-lit side of the law). Rouleur Derby will remain free to play, of course, but I'm hopeful more, larger prizes will attract a larger pool of players. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy the off-season, indulge in some nice off-season beers and I'll see you in February when we will again kick things off with the spell checker's delights: Omloop Het Nieuswblad and Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne.

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,