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Rouleur Derby Report No. 44

Monday, September 12, 2011

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. Vuelta wrap-up

2. Worlds

3. Cross Vegas



It's an extraordinary thing to contest two Grand Tours in a single year, let alone win them both, but that is exactly what Portugal's RMeloa has done in 2011. After beating us in the Tour de France, he absolutely crushed us in the Vuelta, thanks to a 20-point bet he put on Juan Jose Cobo on the first rest day when the Spaniard was still a 250-1 long shot.

For his victory, RMeloa will win the $25 prize (which I think comes to something like 4 euro).

Curiously, of the players eligible for Vuelta prize, only two finished in positive territory. Dang!

Another big win to note is that of Davehog, who put 200 points on "Other" to win at 30-1 odds. That netted him 5,940 points, plus a 25 percent Grand Tour bonus, and shot him into 3rd place overall. Unfortunately he did not make the minimum number of bets to be eligible for the cash prize.


The world championships are right around the corner. This will mark the close of the 2011 season for Rouleur Derby, so consider this the Final Jeopardy round. High rollers like Rmeloa, Haas and Davehog may enjoy large leads for the moment, but the rest of us have nothing to lose. While they nervously guard their riches, the rest of us can go for broke in pursuit of the $50 final prize. No lead will be safe!

Countries are starting to announce their start lists, so expect a rider proposition soon. In the meantime, bets are being taken for who will win the time trial and which country will win the road race.

Note that there is a $25 prize for the world championships, sponsored by Riot Minneapolis, purveyor of fine cycling-inspired apparel and accessories. To be eligible, players must make at least 10 bets and risk at least 400 points.


Wednesday's Cross Vegas may be our only chance to bet on cyclocross this year. I still haven't seen a start list, so right now the only action is on whether an American will win and who will win that afternoon's Vengeance in Vegas race sponsored by Rapha (http://rapha-focus.cx/2011/09/06/vengeance-in-vegas/).


Have fun, play well, tell a friend,