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Rouleur Derby Report No. 33

Monday, April 4, 2011

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. Flanders wrap-up

2. Paris-Roubaix

3. Meet Riot Minneapolis



God bless the classics. Each one this year has been more cracking than the last.

Another long shot won, which caused considerable turmoil in the land of Rouleur Derby, and overall leader ArlandKeith was the biggest beneficiary. He put 12 points on Nick Nuyens to win (a 187:1 shot) and 50 points on Nuyens to show (38.5:1). Between those two bets alone he profited 4,670 points, including a 560-point monument bonus. He also applied his wealth shrewdly with a 1,000 bet on Fabian Cancellara to lose, paying out at 2:1.

ArlandKeith has now stockpiled 8,175 points, more than 4,000 points ahead of second place.

But while ArlandKeith goes well off the front in the overall, he lags in the Spring Classics competition. That honor currently goes to ABanana, who has waged 364 points and won 1,943, a 433 percent return on investment. It's not too late for anyone to challenge him there, but it'll require a few more long shots to win in the few remaining spring classics.


I've opened up betting for Paris-Roubaix, including "show" and the all-important "win," which like Flanders comes with a 25 percent monument bonus.


Note that I've included a few riders who currently aren't scheduled to race Sunday, including Philippe Gilbert, Sylvain Chavanel and Flanders winner Nikki Nuyens, just in case their directors take advantage of their demonstrated form and add them to the rosters. If they don't start, they will be scratched and bets will be refunded.

If Nuyens remains on the sidelines, that would settle the Flanders/Paris-Roubaix double proposition, which will pay out at 1.5:1 for "no."

Other side bets:

Will Taylor Phinney finish in the top 100?

Which American team will finish first?

Will the winner enter the velodrome alone?

And an old favorite: Between Boonen and Cancellara, who will finish first?

Betting stays open until Saturday at midnight.


I'm pleased to welcome Rouleur Derby's first sponsor, Riot Minneapolis, maker of fine cycling apparel and fashion. See its lineup at http://www.riotminneapolis.com.

50 percent of sponsorship proceeds are plowed directly into the game. Per Riot's request, $25 will be added to the Giro d'Italia prize pool, and $25 will go into a new contest for propositions related to September's world championships.

Thanks, Riot!

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,