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Rouleur Derby Report No. 23

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. Vuelta wrap

2. World championship



The Vuelta turned into an exciting little race, both on the road and on the Rouleur Derby. It came down to the final wager but once the dust cleared, Chicago's MonkeyMatt was the top player, having made a 160 percent return on his investment. His big plays were to predict Vincenzo Nibali to show (2.7:1) and for Tom Danielson to be the top American (5.8:1).

I_Win was the most prolific player, winning an astounding 490 points. Unfortunately for him, that was on 539 points bet, a 9 percent loss.

As a prize for his performance, MonkeyMatt will not be receiving a bottle of Spanish wine.


We're down to just two races to settle the king or queen of Rouleur Derby's inaugural season: this weekend's world championship in Australia and the fall classic, the Giro di Lombardia. Both carry a 25 percent bonus for picking the winner. As with all the big races, you cannot afford not to play. And since points will not carry over to next season, so going for broke is certainly an option.

There are five propositions open on the worlds, including picking the best winner by country and by individual rider. Some Cancellara fans have driven his payout to just 2.8:1, but I expect there to be considerable flux and more bets roll in and the odds settle.

Winner: http://rouleurderby.com/race/worlds-geelong/

Winner by country: http://rouleurderby.com/race/worlds-country/

Will Cancellara win: http://rouleurderby.com/race/world-championship-cancellara/

Will Evans win: http://rouleurderby.com/race/world-championship-evans/

Will an American hit the top 10: http://rouleurderby.com/race/world-championship-american/

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,