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Rouleur Derby Report No. 20

Thursday, July 29, 2010

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. Tour de France wrap

2. Tour of Elk Grove


1. Tour de France wrap

First of all, thank you all for playing with me. I've been having a ball curating Rouleur Derby this season, and it was very entertaining to observe as the Tour de France bets rolled in.

Our big winner was not Alberto Contador. Everybody saw that coming. No, our bigger winner was Bryan Witry of Chicago, who made the big score in Stage 14 when he picked AG2R-La Mondiale to win at Alpine odds of 182.4:1. Witry's total haul was 280.5 points on 57 points wagered, a nice 392 percent return on investment.

Witry will not be receiving a bottle of French wine to honor his performance.

Chicago's Ben LaForce won the most raw points, 558, with an excellent 60 percent return on investment.

Super Rookie of Florida earns note for betting the most points, with 422. He was even right most of the time, netting 72 points for a 17 percent ROI.

And the biggest loser? That has to be Lance Armstrong, who despite 11:1 odds to win finished well down the GC. Even worse, he has yet to acknowledge via Twitter that anyone other than him actually won. So there you go: Poor sportsman of the year. How the mighty have fallen.

As for Rouleur Derby, lanterne rouge goes to Michael Vail, who made 8 bets with 45 points and didn't hit on a single one. Better luck next time, Michael!

Other big scores:

Haas picked Alessandro Petacchi to win the green jersey, a 223:1 shot.

Carl Lyda made the obvious bet with Contador to win, but he put his points where his mouth was, with 160 points bet at 1.9:1. Combined with the 50 percent Grand Tour bonus, that netted him a remarkable 224 points.

And TeamPanda of Wisconsin so confident enough in Lance Armstrong that he bet 10 points on him to finish worse than 20th place. That paid out at 18.5:1, a tidy 175-point profit.

With one Grand Tour, one classic, one world championship and some assorted domestic races to go, JDante sits atop the leaderboard with 660 points, 40 points ahead of LaForce. We're in the homestretch, but it's far too early to start zipping up and coasting.


The National Racing Calendar comes to Chicago -- or close to Chicago -- this weekend with the three-stage Tour of Elk Grove. It's a 4-mile time trial on Friday, a 96-mile labyrnth of a road race on Saturday and a criterium on Sunday. Sprinters have done well here in the past.

Radio Shack's Chris Horner will be racing, but just as in the Tour de France, he will be riding without anyone supporting him.

I don't have a full start list, but in the comments of the betting form I've listed the number of riders each team has registered.


Betting closes tonight at midnight.

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,