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Rouleur Derby Report No. 2

Monday, March 1, 2010

In this week's Rouleur Derby Report:

1. Prologue report

2. Accounts reset

3. Minor changes, new features

4. New races



Thanks, everyone, for an exciting debut of Rouleur Derby. I don't know about you, but I was glued to my bootleg Belgian videostreams all weekend.

We enjoyed some exciting racing and some exciting Derby play to match. The favorites were beset by flats and bonking all weekend, enabling "Other" to enjoy boffo results. That gave big pay days to a few players. Here's how the top 5 looked once everything was said and done:

1. Golzy Rogers Park 353.60
2. LaForce 328.00
3. Fast Eddie 280.00
4. clyda 242.00
5. Erik 204.00

Out of about 45 players, 17 finished with a net gain -- and four bankrupted. Oops!


Now that I have most of the kinks out of the system, knock on wood, all accounts have been reset. I expect there are still bugs lurking inside my code, but barring a meltdown, I don't plan to do this again until the World Championships -- so be careful!

Note that bet tallies are reset to 0, too, so the training wheels are back on: Until you've placed 5 separate bets, the maximum individual bet is 2.

For placing on the podium in the prologue, Golzy, LaForce and Fast Eddie start the season with small bonuses.


I've made some minor tweaks in the system. Most of it is invivisble, but you may notice:

A. Bets are listed cummulatively in your "Open bets" display, not individually as before;

B. Propositions with only two options (such as yes/no questions or head-to-head matchups) flip over to live payouts after 25 points have been bet. Other propositions flip at 100. Until this flip, the payout displayed is the house's morning line, set by the house's cigar-chomping, green-eyeshade-wearing, one-legged chief bookmaker.

I've also added comments to each proposition. Comments will be open up to two weeks after each race. Play nice. You'll note that comments are limited to 140 characters. Why? Because while I want everyone to have fun, I don't want to be a babysitter. This limit should help keep things concise and civil.

Many more features are in the works. Among them:

A. A bailout provision for those who bankrupt;

B. The ability to update your profile;

C. A record of biggest pay days -- and biggest losers -- both personally and gamewide;

D. A mobile version, to help those making last-minute bets while clubbing on Rush Street late on Friday night. (I'm looking at you, Druber.)

I'm intentionally trying to keep the game simple and trim, but if you have other features you'd like to see, feel free to suggest them.


Finally, we have new propositions available for betting. On Wednesday Lance Armstrong returns to action with a five-day stage race in Spain. And Paris-Nice kicks off next Monday. (I'll add more propositions for Paris-Nice once I know more about the start lists.)

Remember that you can keep track of new propositions by subscribing to this RSS feed: http://rouleurderby.com/rd/feeds/races

It's also a good idea to follow the Rouleur Derby Twitter feed: http://www.twitter.com/rouleurderby

That's it for now. Enjoy good luck, have fun and tell a friend.