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Rouleur Derby Report No. 17

Thursday, July 8, 2010

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. Le Tour so far

2. Open and upcoming propositions



Best stage ever?

Sorry, Jens: Stage 3 was one of the most thrilling stages I've ever watched -- twice. It's one thing to see a half-dozen skinny freaks amble up a mountain. It's quite another to see dozens of gladiators barrel over the cobbles in a cloud of dust, blood and fury.

Was it worth losing Frank Schleck to a mangled collarbone?

YES! A thousand times, yes!

Thor Hushovd, the beloved god of thunder, was of course the one to benefit most from Schleck's sacrifice, as he took the stage and assumed the driver's seat for the points classification.

Meanwhile, it's not looking good for the Americans, with Christian Vande Velde once again in street clothes by Stage 3, and Tyler Farrar fighting on with a fractured wrist. Will an American win a single stage? I'm not hopeful. Alas.

The general classification remains up for grabs, but that will probably change after this weekend's mountain stages.

So far we've had just one proposition to settle, with Fabian Cancellara surprising nobody by winning the time trial. The payout was a mere 1.9, but JDante put a whopping 40 points on it. JDante also remains in the lead. Ugh. The rich get richer.

It's early, but the "return on investment" leader is conipto, who has already earned back 37 of the 97.5 points he has wagered.


I will be opening up a few individual stages for betting. You don't need to pick the winner, only the winner's team.

Tomorrow's Stage 6 will be a flat stage. Will it go to a sprinter's team like HTC-Columbia or Cervelo? Or will a minor team like Cofidis or Footon-Servetto steal it with a breakaway? Right now the odds are favoring the sprinters, with Cervelo a huge favorite at 2.5:1.


Sunday's Stage 8 will be our first summit finish. The morning line is still standing, and it favors Astana, Saxo Bank and RadioShack. Odds will change once the minimum action is met.


The deadline for betting on Stage 8 is Saturday at midnight. Also closing at that hour is the wager on whether the time trial will have any impact on the final GC. Action is still light, but "no" is a prohibitive favorite.


IMPORTANT: Monday is a rest day, but that gives us our first opportunity for a "Knowing what we know now ..." proposition. After Sunday's stage, I'll take the top 10 or so on GC and you'll be asked to pick a winner, with a Monday night deadline. This is a chance to win back some points for anyone who bet big on poor Christian Vande Velde.

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,