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Rouleur Derby Report No. 16

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In this Rouleur Derby Report:

1. The Tour de France

2. Side bet-a-palooza

3. A prize?



Let's get it on!

After several weeks of tapering, everyone should be rested to take part in the biggest stage race in the world. And with nearly everyone in the cycling-speaking world out of the World Cup, we are free to focus on skinny men in tight shorts.

Booked opened last night on Alberto Contador and 23 of his closest enemies. Early betting has already made him a prohibitive favorite, but I expect the action will spread a bit as the week goes on

Remember, this is a bet you cannot afford to skip, as it comes with a 50 percent bonus.


There is also a "show" proposition to pick who will finish in the top three, but "win" is the only bet that comes with the bonus.



If the general classification is too boring for you, there's a wide range of side propositions to make.

Getting quite a bit of action is the proposition regarding Lance Armstrong's placing. "6th through 10th" is the leader at 2.5:1, while the current odds make it more likely he will not finish than place worse than 10th.


Back this time is the popular "What Will Jens Do?" proposition. Will he get in a break?

This raised several questions during Paris-Nice. The house has some discretion here, but a "break" is defined as a group of 15 or fewer with a gap of 5 minutes of more, as reported by the CyclingNews ticker. In other words, if Dutch crosswinds cause a split in the field and Jens makes the lead group, that's not necessarily a break. But if Jens attacks from the starting gun and is joined by five anonymous continental riders, all of whom ask him for autographs as they rotate through the paceline before they are caught with 2km to go? Now THAT is a break!


There will be intermediary propositions to come, including the next time trial, and a "Knowing what we know now ..." GC bet on each rest day.

Most bets close at midnight this Friday evening. As always, Rouleur Derby is more fun the more players we have, so do tell your favorite cycling fans all about it.

And don't forget that if you run out of points, you can request a bailout loan to get back into the action.


I will not be giving a nice bottle of French wine to whoever performs best during the Tour. If I were to do that, however, I would use this page to track everyone's performance:


And if I were to offer a prize, I would require players to make at least 5 bets and wager at least 15 points, and I would not include the GC bonus in the calculations.

What I'm trying to say is, if you do well during the Tour, any gifts that come your way will be totally coincidental and will in no way violate the anti-gambling statutes of the state of Illinois.

Have fun, play well, tell a friend,